You booked a ticket through AirCanada but the pandemic made you change your mind? Please remember to request a refund via your original point of purchase as each person has a unique booking system that we don’t get access to & they are better equipped to assist us when it comes to requesting a refund. If you booked directly through Air Canada, you may cancel your booking online by visiting My Bookings. While doing the Air Canada reservation, we hope you haven’t faced any issues. Likewise, when you want to cancel it online due to certain reasons or emergencies, we will surely assist you to get it done. AirCanada being one of the best airlines flying in Canada makes us trust them for our comfortable flight and easy access to their online system. They’re very much responsive to their customers.

If you want to cancel your Air Canada reservation, you must do it 24 hours before your flight’s actual boarding time so that the person can get a refund according to the ticket fare class without getting charged extra cancellation fees. You can even get back your ticket fare simply by requesting the booking cost you have given for the reservation. Before applying for any refund for your cancellation just make sure whether your ticket is refundable or not, because the flight has certain policies over certain tickets, and not every ticket has permitted refunds. If any ticket has written ‘non-refundable’ that clearly suggests that you won’t get a refund for your booking for ticket cancellation.

  1. At the initial level open the official site of Air Canada with your registered account. 
  2. Log in with your credentials.
  3. After you are logged in, select the option ‘Manage My Booking’ at the top corner of the page.
  4. One way to cancel is to go with the Single Flight Booking option which requires your registration number, last name, and if any credit card has been used at the time of booking then its number.
  5. And the second one is by signing in to the ‘All Booking’ option in your account, then selecting the booking icon and cancelling whatever reservation you want to do.
  6. After cancelling, a confirmation message is received in the registered email ID.

In partial refund tickets, your refund value will be credited and can be used in your future flight booking with Air Canada. This can be done by directly calling customer care and at the time of booking through this refund, contact Air Canada Reservation. If you are having a non-refundable ticket, which you cancelled online, then the fare accommodated with the ticket will be stored and will be credited at the time of booking in the future. And whenever you will be using the refund you get or credit amount in your future flight ticket booking. Then must remember you can do so only by contacting directly to Air Canada Reservation.In case Air Canada cancels a flight itself due to some technical issues or it may be bad weather conditions then passengers can get a full refund after requesting a refund. Even if passengers want to make arrangements on the next available date then passengers can contact the support staff executives and ask for the same. Air Canada makes their policies which are fully customer-oriented. In case a flight is delayed more than 3 hours they determine this as their fault and give a customer full right to take back ticket charges after cancellation. Air Canada gives the option to convert the cancelled booking to an Air Canada Travel Voucher. This is absolutely transferable and by no means will expire until a given time.